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Smart Contract Flows

Architecture for Chain Cloud via Smart Contracts.

Smart contract technical flow

Contract: NodeStaking Factory: Admin will use this contract to create new staking pool

  • Fully Upgradeable through proxy architecture
  • CreateNewChainStakingPool: create new staking pool

Contract: ChainStaking Pool: user will staking to this contract, for each config of chain in BE, we will have exactly 1 address of ChainStaking Pool

  • Have been created by Factory contract
  • Parameters:
  • Name: (ex: Solana)
  • Symbol: (ex: SOL)
  • StakeToken (ex: XCN token address)
  • StakeAmountRequired (ex: 100,000 so 100,000 XCN is required)
  • StartStake - Deposit (deposit is the StakeAmountRequired to the Chain: Node Staking Contract and creates a record)
  • StopStake - Withdraw (withdraws stake amount if within the WithdrawPeriod and not in the LockUpPeriod and calls DisableAddress)
  • LockUpPeriod (ex: 30 days — means the user staked XCN can't withdraw for 30 days)
  • WithdrawPeriod (ex: 7 days — means the use can withdraw from 31-37th day from stake. Then lock again for LockUpPeriod days.
  • RewardAmount (ex: How much XCN per block user gets rewarded per address — only 1 address per node stake)
  • Set Guardian (guardian is allowed to: freeze, unfreeze, and enable/disable address)
  • EnableAddress (is required to be called to make an address begin earning RewardAmount)
  • DisableAddress is required to be called to make an address stop earning RewardAmount)

Contract Payment: use for monthly payment (ENTERPRISE, PREMIUM and PROTOCOL)

  • Treasury: address to receive money when user payment
  • ChangeTreasury: admin call to change treasury
  • Pay: user pays for 1 month with a type (ENTERPRISE, PREMIUM and PROTOCOL)
  • SetOracle: change oracle
  • Oracle: address for getting the price of XCN and ETH vs USD
  • SetDiscount: set discount when user pay with XCN
  • SetPaymentAmount: set amount when user pays, with inputs are type, token and amount
  • Pause contract
  • Unpause contract